Wordy Multiplayer

A new twist on a classic word game. Two players share the same board and race against eachother, as well as against the clock to find as many words as possible.


NBC Universal Hackathon Winner

Grand Prize and Fandango Challenge winner at the NBC Universal 24 hour hackathon. read more

Get kids practicing Math!

Second place winner at the Salesforce $1M hackathon in October, 2014.

Outdo Workout Tracker

Outdo Workout Tracker.
Simple Workout logger for iOS and Android

A very sleek, fast, intuitive workout tracker without all the extra noise. Cofounded with Danny


Loot Puzzle Game.
Sliding tile game on iOS

Created an iPhone game in 48 hours with Danny for the Great Canadian Appathon. The game is lightly based on the Amazing Labyrinth board game. Navigate through the maze by moving rows of tiles, avoid the knight and collect loot without getting stuck or slayed!

Generic placeholder image
Generic placeholder image

Picture This.
Drawing game on iOS and Android

Winner of best pitch! A project I created along with three other team members for my Software Architecture and Design course at Waterloo. Imagine broken telephone, but with alternating guessing phrases and drawing images.

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The Appleseed Modern Diner
Freelance Website dev/design

Created full branding for new diner in Nova Scotia, including logo, website, menu, color scheme.

Appleseed Modern Diner
Squiggle World

Winner of HackWaterloo

After doing a full 180 degree pivot from our original idea, Danny and I hacked this in the final six hours of the hackathon and won. Pick a character and walk around a 3D world, drawing 2D images. See other players' drawings in real time.


Extended Ray Tracer

My final project for the fourth year Computer Graphics class. After just a few (7) sleepless nights and a couple (~40) Timmy's double double's, the project was done and received an honorable mention for achieving over 100%

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Gradients javascript&CSS

Gradient circle entirely made from HTML div's and CSS. Add/remove color by clicking on the colours.

Image Splitter
Crank Software

One of the tools I had to implement for Crank Software during an internship. I got to know PSD files inside out after having to write a PSD file parser. Never again! Came up with an efficient algorithm to slice multiple images at once in order to eliminate the maximum amount of transparent pixels. Check out the blog to see how it works!

Crank Image Splitter