Hotel Transylvannia
3D Animation in Maya

Final project for my 3D Animation class at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, during my exchange in Australia. The task was to choose a scene from an animated film, model it, and render out a quick fly-through of the set. I chose to do Hotel Transylvannia (God knows why) and sat in the lab for eternity (~6 days) waiting for the render to finish. Modeled, textured, lit, shaded and rendered in Maya, composited in After Effects.

3D Animation

Chuck Close Painting

Chuck Close Portrait
Acrylic Airbrush on Canvas

This was a project for one of my art classes in university (Waterloo). We had to replicate a painting by a famous artist that we admire. Chuck Close is my favorite artist, and so naturally I had to make a huge painting of him, following his technique and his dimesions. I was pretty lucky to get to see his exhibit at the MOMA in my last year of highschool, and ever since I've been a huge fan of his huge realistic portraits and other, more abstract work.

Leonardo Dicaprio
Digital Painting

Testing out the new Wacom Intuos 5.

Digital Painting

Pencil Drawing

Old Man Portrait
Pencil on Paper

High school art project and category winner at the Young at Art competition in Ottawa.

Moraine Lake
Oil on Canvas

Inspired by the beautiful Banff landscape I saw on my grade 9 band trip. This painting later went on to win Best of Category at the Young at Art competition in Ottawa

Moraine Lake Painting

Chuck Close

In the Style of...
Acrylic on Canvas

After seeing Chuck Close's exhibition at the MOMA, I was inspired by his abstract style. This painting is composed of 3000 circles.

Leaf Painting
Airbrush, Acrylic

Living room wall needed decorating, so this painting happened. Based off of a friend's photograph.

Acrylic Painting

Kiwi Character Design

Kiwi Character

One of the 2D Animation projects I had to do while on exchange in Australia. I had recently come back from New Zealand and discovered that the Kiwi is their national animal, I decided to use the Kiwi for the animation. They are a very disproportionate, awkward, wingless bird and so it was perfect for a short, funny animation.

Airbrush, Acrylic

Another Young At Art submission. Trying to stray away from landscapes and plain portraits for a change to try and convery some sort of emotion. I think this was also my first time using an airbrush so I was pretty excited about it.

Acrylic Painting

Kiwi Character Design

Sword Swallower

Just another character. Inspired by a swordswallower I worked with at a Carnival several years ago.